Pilot Locations

Sprachtreff Daaden
In the Protestant Church hall
Hachenburger Straße 1
57567 Daaden

Opening Hours

Tuesday: 16:00 – 18:00
Thursday: 10:00 – 12:00

Sprachtreff Erda
In the Protestant Church hall
Grabenstr. 6, 35644 Hohenahr-Erda

Opening Hours
or during the opening hours of the library:
Tuesday: 19:30 – 20:30
Wednesday: 16:30 – 17:30

Sprachtreff Marpingen
in the Youth Office (“Jugendbüro”)
Schafbrücke 7, 66646 Marpingen 

Opening Hours
Monday: 10:00 – 11:30
Thursday: 10:00 – 11:30
Additional hours can be requested.


Sprachtreff St. Wendel
Beethovenstr. 1, 66606 St. Wendel

Opening Hours
Tuesday: 14:00 to 15:30
Wednesday: 17:00 to 18:30
Thursday: 10:00 to 12:00

Sprachtreff Wülfrath
in the “Kulturkirche”
Tiegenhöfer Str. 14, 42489 Wülfrath

Opening Hours
Monday: 17:00 – 19:00
Wednesday: 15:45 – 17:00 (Café)
Friday: 10:00 – 12:00

Project Partners

Protestant Church in the Rhineland – Evangelische Kirche im Rheinland (EKiR)

The Protestant Church in the Rhineland is the applicant of the project, which is being implemented by multiple partner organizations in a joint effort. As of 1st February 2020 she is also responsible for the overall management, coordination and quality assurance of the project.

Evangelische Kirche im Rheinland – Das Landeskirchenamt (Regional Church Office)
Hans-Böckler-Straße 7
40476 Düsseldorf

Telephone: 0211/45 62 – 0
E-Mail: lka@ekir.de

Project staff since 1st February 2020:
EKiR Council Member Henning Boecker
E-Mail: henning.boecker@ekir.de

Coordination Center Fundraising of the EKiR

Koordinierungsstelle Fundraising in der EKiR

The Coordination Center Fundraising of the EKiR supports churches, parishes and institutions as well as the “Landeskirche” (the church of the region) during the development and implementation of fundraising-strategies and -projects and the participation in EU funding programs. During this project, the Coordination Center Fundraising of the EKiR was in charge of project coordination and quality assurance and held the project responsibility until 31st Januar 2020.

Hans-Böckler-Straße 7
40476 Düsseldorf

E-Mail: fundraising@ekir.de
Website: https://www.ekir.de/www/ueber-uns/fundraising-878.php

Project Staff:

From 1. July 2019 to 1. February 2020:
Sieglinde Ruf

Until 30. June 2019:
Barbro Rönsch-Hasselhorn


The “Büchereifachstelle” (literally: library specialist department) of the Evangelical Church in the Rhineland (EKiR) is a training, counselling and service center offering opportunities for qualified collaboration in the libraries of the Protestant parishes, hospitals and homes. The “Büchereifachstelle” belongs to the Directorate of Education, Department 3.1 non-formal education, within the Regional Church Office. During this project, the “Büchereifachstelle” provides the staff of the pilot facilities with suggestions concerning their work as well as materials, media lists and work aids. The “Büchereifachstelle” also coordinates the services offered by the project facilities and oversees the management of the overall budget.

Büchereifachstelle der Ev. Kirche im Rheinland (EKiR)
Hans-Böckler-Straße 7
40476 Düsseldorf

Telephone: 0211/4562-525
E-Mail: helga.schwarze@ekir.de
Website: www.ekir.de/buechereifachstelle

Project Staff:

Helga Schwarze (Head of the Büchereifachstelle)
Telephone: 0211/4562-525
E-Mail: helga.schwarze@ekir.de

Helena Schäuble
Telephone: 0211/4562-522
E-Mail: helena.schaeuble@ekir.de

until 30.06.2020:
Judith Schumacher
Telephone: 0172/4677188
E-Mail: judith.schumacher@ekir.de


Bonn Institute for Migration Research and Intercultural Learning

Bonner Institut für Migrationsforschung und Interkulturelles Lernen (BIM) e.V.

It is the first objective of the Bonn Institute for Migration Research and Intercultural Learning to examine the history, causes and consequences of migration in order to properly manage the reality of immigration within our society and to contribute problem resolutions. The second objective of the BIM e.V. is the promotion and advancement of intercultural learning and intercultural education.

During this project, the BIM e.V. is responsible for public relations, translation services and the project evaluation.

Bonner Institut für Migrationsforschung und interkulturelles Lernen (BIM) e.V.
Street Address:
Brüdergasse 16 – 18
53111 Bonn

Postal Address:
Postbox: 7043
53070 Bonn

Telephone: 0228/338 339 0
Fax: 0228/96 91 376

E-Mail: info@bimev.de
Website: www.bimev.de

Project Staff:

Christian van den Kerckhoff (Director BIM e.V.)
Telephone: 0228/338 339 11
E-Mail: vdkerckhoff@bimev.de

Anna Heinzel
Telephone: 0228/338 339 51
E-Mail: heinzel@bimev.de

Diakonie Saar

The Diakonie Saar (the Diakonie is a charitable organization of Protestant churches in Germany) assists and supports people on their way towards an autonomous life. In honor of Christian charity, every person should be helped in times of need and those underrepresented in politics and public life have to be advocated for. During this project, the Diakonie Saar coordinates and supervises the services offered by the pilot facilities in the Saarland and contributes towards the connection with other integration institutions.

Diakonie Saar
Stefan Gebhardt (Head of Division)
Stabsstelle Flüchtlingsarbeit – Field Office for Refugee Work
Rembrandtstraße 17-19
66540 Neunkirchen

Telephone: 06821/956 272
E-Mail: stefan-gebhardt@dwsaar.de
Website: www.diakonie-saar.de

Project Staff since 1. March 2020:

Fadi Alnaamat
Telephone: 0157/590 19 828
E-Mail: fadial8@gmail.com

Bärbel Zägel
Telephone: 0172/458 04 45
E-Mail: barbara.zaegel@ekir.de

until 31. December 2019:
Petra Philipczyk


Protestant Adult Education Facility of Southern Rhineland

Evangelisches Erwachsenenbildungswerk Rheinland-Süd e. V.

The Protestant Adult Education Facility of Southern Rhineland supports and advises Protestant institutions and initiatives working in the field of adult education. It coordinates the educational activities of the communities, parishes and church facilities while also planning and designing training programs in cooperation with its members.

During this project, the Protestant Adult Education Facility of Southern Rhineland is creating the training concept and trains Speaking- and Reading-Mentors as well as the staff at the pilot locations.

Evangelisches Erwachsenenbildungswerk Rheinland-Süd e.V. (eeb)
Herzog-Reichard-Straße 30
55469 Simmern

Telephone: 06761/7018
Fax: 06761/13464

E-Mail: eeb-sued@eeb-sued.de
Website: www.eeb-sued.de

Project Staff:

Kirsten Arnswald (Director of the eeb)
Telephone: 06761/7018
E-Mail: karnswald@eeb-sued.de

Oliver Weidermann (since 1.5.2019)
Telephone: 06761/970341
E-Mail: oweidermann@eeb-sued.de

Christa Joppien (until 30.4.2019)

Protestant Migration and Refugee Work / Integration Agency

Evangelische Migrations- und Flüchtlingsarbeit Bonn, Integrationsagentur (EMFA)

Since its establishment in 1989, EMFA has been an institution of the church district Bonn. It is the EMFA’s objective to support and advise refugees, asylum seekers and migrants on any issues relating to legal, social or pastoral questions. During this project, the EMFA is responsible for scientific monitoring and evaluation.

Evangelische Migrations- und Flüchtlingsarbeit Bonn/Integrationsagentur
Brüdergasse 16 – 18
53111 Bonn

Tel.: 0228/69 74 91
Fax: 0228/96 91 376

Email: emfa@bonn-evangelisch.de
Website: https://www.migration-bonn.de

Project Staff:

Dr. Hidir Celik (Head of EMFA)
Telephone: 0228 – 69 74 91
E-Mail: h.celik@bonn-evangelisch.de

Advisory Board

The project "Sprachtreff - for Integration in the Countryside" is advised and supported by an advisory board consisting of a team of experts functioning as a project advisory board in the areas of labor market integration, refugee work and educational work.


Dr. Stefan Drubel


Dr. Stefan Drubel heads the department "Extracurricular Education" of the educational department in the State Church Office of the Protestant Church in the Rhineland.


E-mail: stefan.drubel@ekir.de

Tel. 0211/45 62 - 528


Stefan Kämper


Stefan Kämper is deputy director of the German Network of Rural Areas (DVS), head of the area "Region and Village" and is head of the following areas of responsibility: regional and village development, LEADER, demographic change, services of general interest.


E-mail: stefan.kaemper@ble.de

Tel. 0228/68 45 - 37 22


Ralf Lütje


Ralf Lütje is a consultant for young people, parents and entrepreneurs in the KAUSA Service Center Rhineland-Palatinate at the Chamber of Crafts Koblenz.


E-mail: ralf.luetje@hwk-koblenz.de

Tel. 0261/398 - 328


Rafael Nikodemus


Rafael Nikodemus is responsible for the areas of flight, migration and integration, Christians and Muslims, religions and worldview issues at the Protestant Church in the Rhineland.


E-mail: rafael.nikodemus@ekir.de

Tel. 0211/45 62 - 218


Dr. Peter Weber


Dr. Peter Weber has been working as a teacher at the Vocational College since 1985. He was a research associate at the Institute for German Language and Literature II at the University of Cologne and received his doctorate there on the topic of promoting professional conversational skills. As a partially deputed teacher at the Mercator Institute, he is responsible for providing support for teachers in the field of promoting German as well as multilingual education.


E-mail: peter.weber@mercator.uni-koeln.de

Tel. 0221/470 14 68