Reinforcement for the Saarland Sprachtreff

I am very pleased to be a part of the Sprachtreff project," says Fadi Alnaamat, who will support the "Sprachtreff - for Integration in the countryside" project in St. Wendel when it reopens after the corona-related closure. He came to Germany from Syria in 2015 as a refugee himself; back then he wanted to learn german as quickly as possible in order to find work. In [...]

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How can I learn when everything is closed?

All schools in Germany have been closed since mid-March. This affects not only children and adolescents, but also all refugees who normally attend a language course. But especially in these difficult times it is all the more important to be able to understand the latest news and regulations and to be able to communicate with officials or doctors.   So that refuge [...]

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Information about the corona virus in different languages

The corona virus Covid-19 is spreading in Germany. In order to avoid contagion, the federal government has set up various regulations, such as the ban on meetings such as the Sprachtreff or the closing of bars, shops and schools.The Federal Government Commissioner for Migration, Refugees and Integration has published important information on the corona virus on her we [...]

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Sprachtreffs closed until further notice

Due to the current situation regarding the spread of the corona virus, the federal government has agreed with the federal states on measures to limit social interactions in public life. Meetings are prohibited for the time being, at least until April 20, 2020. This also includes the Sprachtreff, which is why it must remain closed until further notice. As soon as we ca [...]

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Research online needs to be learned

"How can I tell whether the app I want to use is helpful and reliable?" And "Where can I find what I'm really looking for online?" - these and similar questions were asked by the volunteers at the Erda Sprachtreff during a workshop on the topic "research training". The participants eagerly followed the explanations by Oliver Weidermann from the Protestant Adult Educat [...]

Saving electricity made easy – Caritas presents project at the Sprachtreff

"Do you actually know how much you pay for electricity each month?" Asks Dirk Vollers the visitors to the Sprachtreff in Erda. Most of the almost 20 refugees and locals are not entirely sure. "And what do you think your electrical appliances use up?", He wants to know further.Dirk Vollers is part of the Caritas Wetzlar electricity saving team. With their project "Ele [...]

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B1 exam passed successfully

Kulestan proudly holds her certificate up for the camera. She passed the B1 language test with excellent grades. In the spoken part of the exam, she even reached 100 out of 100 points. She has studied long and hard for this and has also used the opportunity to practice with the language and reading mentors in the Sprachtreff. Every Monday Kulestan comes to the Spracht [...]

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Advent afternoon in the Sprachtreff

Sparkling lights in the streets, Spekulatius biscuits and ginger bread, decorated Christmas trees and Christmas markets - all beloved and welcome signs for us Germans that the year is ending and we await the birth of Jesus Christ. But what about those that did not grow up in Germany or aren't Christian? How do they perceive those traditions? Do they even know Christma [...]

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Bonn Book Fair ‘Migration’ celebrates diversity

"Diversity is not a threat, but an enrichment," said Eckart Wüster, dean of the parish of Bonn, with confidence at the opening of the 12th Bonn Book Fair 'Migration’ on the topic "Shaping diversity - Living democracy". He was pleased that numerous exhibitors had come again to the House of History this year, which in itself is already a sign of diversity. Praeses Manfr [...]

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Intercultural training in Marpingen

Encounters with people from other cultures can be enriching, but also lead to misunderstandings. Which "prejudices" do we ourselves have and how can we handle them? What does culture mean and what shapes us? Volunteers from the Sprachtreffs St. Wendel and Marpingen addressed these and other questions in the two-part training course "Intercultural sensitisation" in the [...]

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